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Company History:
Camera One's first film projects began in 1978 and included the filming of the documentary More Than Bows and Arrows. The film went on to win 11 film festivals and has been broadcast on PBS, The Discovery Channel, the BBC, and in eight European countries and Japan.

Now, Camera One has garnered well over 100 national and international awards for film excellence including the Houston International Film Festival's Special Gold Jury Award, Eastman Kodak's award for best film, and many others.

Camera One has an excellent reputation for reliably providing broadcast and commercial markets with high quality images. We shoot in high-definition Sony HDCAM, DSLR, 35mm, and super-16 motion picture film with the best cameras available.

We have shot programs and provided film footage for broadcast clients, including PBS; Nature; NOVA; Front Line; Smithsonian World; BBC; Ancient Aliens; Bill Nye, the Science Guy; Survival Anglia; The Extremists (including a program segment on Camera One); 48 Hours; 20/20; Turning Point; The X-Files; Star Trek: The Next Generation; Northern Exposure; TBS' The Native Americans; The History Channel; TV New Zealand; The Outer Limits; and Walt Disney World.

Camera One has provided footage for commercial clients such as Giorgio of Beverly Hills, Continental Airlines, MCI, AT&T, Zenith, Jeep, Mazda, Isuzu, and more.

Gray Warriner, Director
Gray Warriner was born in Pensacola, Florida, but has lived most of his life in Seattle. He graduated in Geology and Physical Geography from the University of Washington. He encountered a French documentary film crew at the Mayan ruins of Tikal, Guatemala. Filming fascinated Gray and he abandoned his graduate studies in geology to pursue a career in documentary film making.

He returned to the University of Washington for several years in the mid-1980s to teach film while simultaneously running Camera One.

Gray has filmed all around the world and has produced programs for the Smithsonian Institution and was the first Director of Photography for the PBS series Travels with Rick Steves.

Besides writing most of the Camera One scripts and directing, Gray has won personal achievement awards and accolades for his cinematography. The International Television and Video Association has given him the Special Achievement in Cinematography Award and, regionally, he has won the Best of the Northwest for the Pacific Northwest/Northern California Region.

Gray also produces and presents adventure/travel programs to audiences across the United States and Canada. He shows to audiences ranging in size from several hundred to several thousand at venues such as the National Geographic Society, the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh, Chicago Geographic, Philadelphia Geographic, and colleges and universities.

Our Awards:


American Film & Video Festival - First Place, Outstanding Achievement


American Indian Film Festival - First Place, Best Documentary

APPL Biennial Award - First Place, Best National Park FilmĀ 

CINE Golden Eagle Award

Columbus International Film Festival - First Place

Communicator Crystal Award of Excellence

Communicator Award of Distinction

Chicago International Film Festival - First Place

Festival of the Americas - First Place

Festival Humanitae (Paris) - First Place

Houston International Film Festival - Special Gold Jury Award

Hemisfilm International Film Festival

Illinois Association of Museums - Superior Achievement Award

Illinois Travel & Tourism - First Place, Governor's Award

ITVA Emerald City Award - First Place


KINEON Festival International du Film Archeologique, Brussels, Belgium - Winner

Montana International Film Festival

North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) - Special Achievement, Wildlife Photography


NAAEE (Cancun, Mexico) - First Place


National Educational Film Festival - First Place


Outdoor Writer's Association - First Place,Four Star Award - Conservation & Natural History


Smoky Mountain Festival


San Francisco International Film Festival - First Place


Telly Silver Statue Award - First Place


Telly Gold Award


U.S. International Film & Video Festival Silver Screen Award


U.S. Industrial Film Festival - First Place, Creative Excellence


Western Heritage Special Jury Award


Worldfest Charleston Gold Award - First Place


Worldfest Houston Silver Award

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